franyo aatoth
Living in Paris Franyo Aatoth, an Hungarian painter, studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris.
In 1992 he took part in UNESCO program "Silk Road", on discovering an unspoiled Mongolia. Under this influence, the characteristic of beautiful untamed wilderness was manifested through his works. He had solo exhibitions in Canton Fine Art Museum, Opera of Bordeaux, Unesco Palace of Paris, Kiev National Gallery... He is also author of several visuals for music publishing, including disks Noir Desir's latest album
"Des visages des Figures", "Élettér" Akosh S., the inniative "Free Tibet" and the recent 18 languages dictionary "Le pretit ivre rouge" (the Dictionnary of traveling Barfly).
Represented by Várfok Galleries - Budapest Galerie Keller - Paris